QWebdav - WebDAV lib for Qt4

QWebdav is a Qt Webdav library for Qt4 using QHttp, I wrote it because I wanted a simple way to access Webdav shares without using libneon or parsing every xml responses by hand.


Use git to grab the code at git.iksaif.net.


mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
make install


You can find a minimal documentation generated using doxygen.

#include <QWebdav>

QWebdav *webdav = new QWebdav;

webdav->setHost("iksaif.net", QHttp::ConnectionModeHttps, 443);
webdav->rename("/foo", "/bar");

There is currently no documentation, but an example is shipped with the library. Most of it works like QHttp (I know, it's deprecated, and I'll probably rewrite the library when Qt4.7 is out with custom verb support in QNetworkAccessManager).

Main window Properties