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lundi, octobre 25 2010

QtTvDB 0.2, Series Watcher 0.1.1, Lugdulo'V 0.3 and QCommandLine 0.2 released !


Library to use XML API with Qt. You'll need an API key to use this software, you can get one from Used by Series Watcher.

New in 0.2.0:

  • Guest list is now a QStringList

Website: QtTvDB

Series Watcher

Qt clone of SeriesFinal, not only for Maemo but for all platforms supported by Qt. It's a TV series browser and tracker application. Its goal is to help you manage the TV shows you watch regularly and keep track of the episodes you have seen so far. The shows and episodes can be retrieved automatically by using the “TheTVDB API”.

Series Watcher is a free software. It's available on multiple platforms: Windows, Mac-OS X, Linux, Maemo. We're also working on Symbian and iOS ports.

Website: Series Watcher


Find a bike quickly in your city, with map and geolocalisation support ! Currently available for 110 cities in 14 countries, but you're free to write your own plugins, and if your city is not supported, send us a bug report ! To see the list of supported bike sharing network, check our plugins page.

New in 0.3:

  • Symbian port
  • Small bug fixes (Montreal plugin, Plugins Dialog, etc..)
  • Offline mode on Maemo 5

Website: Lugdulo'V

Symbian port

Lugdulo'V source code has been ported to Symbian, but there is no binary available at the moment. It should be available through OVI store very soon.


Command line parser for Qt (like getopt). Features include options, switchs, params and automatic --version/--help generation.

New in 0.2:

  • Fixed some parsing bugs

Website: QCommandLine

vendredi, octobre 17 2008


Serveur web modulaire multiplateforme (*BSD, Linux, Win32)

L'API créée pour ce serveur est décrite ici: ZiaPi


Modules implémentés:

  • browsedir
  • compress
  • error
  • mime
  • perl
  • python
  • socket
  • static
  • status